The best motivation for bodybuilding

I’m sure that many of us have been there. We are working out, we feel good about ourselves but then something happens: the motivation is gone! You don’t want to go back home because it will be too late for your workout or maybe you just can’t get motivated anymore.

Here are 15 tips for you to keep up your motivation for bodybuilding

1) Get a friend who supports you in this journey

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2) Find someone else who has similar goals as yours

3) Make a goal list

4) Do not compare yourself to others

5) Don’t let negative thoughts take over

6) Be grateful for what you already achieved

7) Keep track of your progress

8) Have fun while doing so

9) Take breaks when needed

10) Reward yourself after every successful session

11) Set realistic expectations

12) Stay positive

13) Focus on one thing at a time

14) Learn from mistakes

15) Enjoy life

If you follow these simple rules, I am pretty confident that you won’t lose motivation again. So if you need some extra help, here are my top 5 motivational quotes for you:

“The only way to happiness is success.” – Thomas Jefferson

“You must find out everything about yourself before you can become anything.”-

Motivation tip 1: Get a friend who supports you in this journey

If you know somebody who does bodybuilding, ask him/her why he/she started training and whether they still train today. This person might give you advice which could really boost your motivation.

Motivation tip 1: Find someone else who has similar goals as yours

Maybe you share common interests like music or sports? Ask them if they also struggle with their motivation sometimes. They might support you by giving you new ideas or even motivating you to start exercising more often.

Motivation tip 2: Make a goal list

Write down all your goals and make a plan how you achieve those goals. If you have no idea where to begin, try to think about things you did well last week or month. Maybe you had a great day at school or were able to finish an assignment earlier than expected. Write down those moments and use them as inspiration for your next steps.

Motivation tip 3: Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t look at other people’s bodies and judge yourself based on that. Instead focus on your own achievements and learn from them. It doesn’t matter if you see another guy lifting weights or running around the park. What matters most is that you are happy with your results. And remember: everyone starts somewhere.

Motivation tip 4: Do not let negative thoughts take over you

Negative thinking leads to low self esteem and eventually depression. Try to stay away from negative thoughts and instead concentrate on your successes. Think about all the times you succeeded during the past weeks or months. Remember all the hard days and bad workouts. But always remind yourself that you made it through. That gives you strength and confidence.

Motivation tip 5: Don’t let negative thoughts take over

Try to keep a positive attitude towards your workout sessions. You will feel better afterwards and be motivated to continue working out. Also don’t forget to reward yourself once you reach your goals. A nice meal or a night out with friends would definitely put a smile on your face.

Motivation tip 6: Be grateful for what you’ve accomplished

It takes courage to get up early and go to the gym. Most of us just want to sleep until noon. However, when we wake up every morning, we should appreciate ourselves for being healthy enough to exercise. We shouldn’t complain about having sore muscles after a tough session. We should thank God for making us strong enough to lift heavy weights.

Motivation tip 7: Keep track of your progress

You can write down everything you eat and drink each day. Or maybe you prefer using fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal or Loseit. These tools help you monitor your daily calorie intake and calculate your weekly weight loss.

Motivation tip 8: Have fun while doing exercises

When you’re feeling bored, stop reading articles and watch some funny videos online. The best way to enjoy your workout is to laugh!

Motivation tip 9: Take breaks between sets

If you find yourself getting tired during your training session, take a break. Stretch your legs, walk around the room or simply sit in a chair for five minutes before starting again. This helps prevent injuries and keeps your heart rate elevated.

Motivation tip 10: Reward yourself after every successful session

After finishing a challenging set, give yourself something small like a piece of chocolate or a glass of water. If you have already reached your goal weight, treat yourself by buying new clothes or going shopping.

Motivation tip 11: Set realistic expectations

Don’t expect too much from yourself at first. Start slow and build up slowly. Your ultimate goal isn’t to lose 20 pounds within two weeks but rather to gain muscle mass gradually.

Motivation tip 12: Stay positive

Remember that no matter how difficult things may seem right now, they’ll improve soon. Just stick to your plan and believe in yourself.

Motivation tip 13: Focus on one thing at a time

Instead of thinking about several different aspects of your life simultaneously, focus only on one aspect at a time. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, think about food and nutrition. Instead of worrying about other issues, try not to stress out about them.

Motivation tip 14: Learn from mistakes

We all make mistakes sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up because of it. It’s okay to fail. Remember that everyone has their own unique path to success. So instead of focusing on your failures, learn from them.

Motivation tips 15:Enjoy life

Life is short so don’t waste any minute without enjoying it. Make sure you spend quality time with family and friends. You never know who might be gone tomorrow. Live everyday to its fullest.

Conclusion: Bodybuilding is great for health and well-being

Bodybuilding is an excellent sport which improves both physical and mental strength. When done correctly, it will also increase self confidence and boost motivation levels.

It doesn’t require expensive equipment and takes less than half an hour per week. All you need is determination and dedication.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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