Is there a crystal for motivation?

It is a most common question that people ask me when they meet me, or even before we start working together on their project. They are usually looking to find out if crystals can help them with any aspect of life: health, relationships, career, etc. The answer is yes! There are many different types of crystals that will work well for you depending on your needs at the time.

What are the best crystal for motivation?

Black obsidian, Hematite, and Tourmaline are some of the best crystals I’ve found to increase motivation and energy. It’s important to find the root of why you feel unmotivated and zapped because there are many other crystals that can help.

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The main reason crystals can be part of what you can do to boost your motivation is the extra boost energy it can give you. 

There are multiple crystals that can give you the extra energy boost that you might need for motivation and creativity. Let’s take a closer look at what crystals that could be. 

1. Black obsidian – a great motivational booster

This stone has been used by shamans in ancient times as an aid to meditation and spiritual development. This type of black obsidian comes from volcanic eruptions deep within Earth’s crust. These stones have a high concentration of iron oxide which gives this stone its dark color. When worn around the neck, these stones can provide protection against negative energies such as fear, anger, jealousy, envy, greed, lust, hatred, and depression.

Black obsidian and its motivational properties: Grounding, Protection, Shielding.  Black obsidian is a stone that can be used to amplify one’s power.  When you wish to manifest anything, it’s important to have this crystal. Black obsidian makes your focus sharper and brings new opportunities.  Black obsidian protects you against negative vibes by cutting through ties and beliefs that are no longer useful to you.

2. Hematite – more self confidence and willpower

Hematite is another powerful stone that helps us gain control over our emotions. It also provides us with increased mental clarity and emotional stability. Hematite is known as “the stone of courage” due to its ability to bring strength and determination into one’s life.

Hematite and its motivational properties: Self-confidence, Courage, Strength, Focus, Mental Clarity.

3. Tourmaline – better communication skills

Tourmalines are very helpful when it comes to improving communication skills. If you want to improve your speaking abilities, then tourmaline would be perfect for you. You’ll notice that tourmaline increases verbal fluency and improves memory recall. When you realize the better communication skills, you’ll naturally get a motivational boost too. 

Tourmaline and its motivational properties: Communication Skills, Memory Recall, Verbal Fluency.

4. Amethyst – boosts intuition and psychic powers

Amethysts are said to enhance psychic awareness and intuitive insight. In addition, amethyst enhances spirituality and promotes peace and harmony.

Amethyst and its motivational properties: Psychic Awareness, Spiritual Development, Peace & Harmony.

5. Rose Quartz – love & compassion

Rose quartz is often associated with love and romance. However, rose quartz is much more than just a romantic gemstone. It is believed that rose quartz will attract positive people and relationships into your life. The pinkish hue of rose quartz symbolizes unconditional love. You’ll find that having a life with love and romance will spark your motivation and inspiration. 

Rose quartz and its motivational properties: Love, Compassion, Romance.

6. Citrine – happiness and optimism

Citrines are considered lucky gems because they represent good fortune and prosperity. They’re also thought to increase energy levels and help in overcoming obstacles. The optimism that these crystals will give you will benefit your motivation a lot. 

Citrine and its motivational properties: Happiness, Optimism, Prosperity.

7. Aquamarine – success and abundance

Aquamarines are usually found in deep water where their name originates from. This means that aquamarines are rare and expensive. But if you do manage to acquire an aqua marble, it has been proven that aquamarines possess many magical qualities.

These include increasing creativity, helping one achieve financial freedom, and bringing luck and wealth.

Aquamarine and its motivational properties: Success, Abundance, Luck, Wealth.

8. Tiger’s Eye – focus and concentration

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful blue color that represents truthfulness and sincerity. Tigers eyes have long been used to promote honesty and integrity. A tiger’s eye can help you become focused on achieving goals while maintaining high standards.

Tiger’ Eyes and its motivational properties: Concentration, Honesty, Integrity, Focused Goals.

9. Pink Sapphire – confidence and self esteem

Pink sapphire is known as the stone of courage. Its bright pink color signifies strength and bravery. Pink sapphires bring out the best in us by encouraging us to take risks and live our dreams.

Pink Sapphire and its motivational properties: Confidence, Self Esteem, Courage.

10. Blue Topaz – wisdom and knowledge

Blue topazes are very popular among students who want to learn new things or improve their academic performance. These stones are believed to be able to stimulate mental activity and sharpen thinking abilities.

Topaz and its motivational properties: Knowledge, Wisdom, Mental Activity.

FAQ about motivation and crystals

What is the best crystal for positive energy?

The most powerful crystal for positive energy would be amethyst. Amethysts are said to absorb negative energies and transform them into positive ones.

How does wearing my favorite crystal affect me?

Wearing your favorite crystal helps you feel better emotionally and physically. Crystals work through resonance so when you wear your favorite crystal, it resonates with your body and mind. When you resonate with something, it affects how you think and act.

Why should I use crystals regularly?

Using crystals regularly gives you more control over your life. It allows you to tap into your inner power and connect with higher forces. You’ll find yourself feeling happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before!

Do all crystals vibrate at different frequencies?

Yes, every single crystal vibrates at a unique frequency. Some crystals like citrine, rose quartz, and jasper vibrates at lower frequencies whereas others such as smoky quartz, clear quartz, and fluorite vibrate at much higher frequencies. The reason why some crystals vibrate at low frequencies is that they’re made up of lighter elements whereas other crystals vibrate at higher frequencies because they contain heavier elements.

Which type of crystal will make me happy?

There isn’t just one kind of crystal that makes people happy. Happiness and motivation are related and the best crystal is the one that suits you best. If you need happiness then choose an energizing crystal but if you need motivation then go for a calming crystal. Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Bloodstone, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz will all make you happier. 

Can I get rid of bad luck using crystals?

No, not really. But you can change your perception of what happens around you. Bad luck doesn’t exist; we create it ourselves. We believe that certain events happen to us because we deserve them. So instead of blaming fate, blame yourself.

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